Quality and PRECISION

-Since 1992-

The company Dobrudzha Export was founded in 1992. It has since increased 47 times. Our main focus is the high quality product. We are leaders in the implementation of innovative manufacturing technologies because of the high expert potential of our team. Being honest with our landlords, suppliers and trading partners is our company's philosophical concept.

Why should you choose us?

1) You will receive an adequate and always timely payment of the rent.

2) We will protect your fields from water, wind erosion and increasing their fertility.

3) We remain always socially committed to the problems of our clients.

At vero eos et accusamus et iusto odio dignissimos ducimus  blanditiis praesentium.

About Us

We invest a lot of time and resources to build a highly qualified and professional team. We are leaders in care, health and social commitment to our company employees. The most important thing is that we train and build the knowledge of our employees ourselves. We are the only company in the region to have an agricultural design engineer, a master in international business relations, a specialist in mathematical models in production and marketing, and a digital specialist. The founder of the company is the only writer and farmer in the world. The company uses precise agricultural technology to maintain environmental balance and optimize costs. Our machines is modern and high-tech.

The company is engaged in protecting the soil and groundwater from the harmful effects of pesticides and adverse weather conditions. Since 2010, a vertical tillage of 50 cm depth has been implemented in order to protect the soil from water erosion.
The main crops are wheat, rapeseed, corn, beans, chickpeas and more.
The company’s partners are leading companies in the field of agricultural machinery, pesticides, seeds, fertilizers and fuels. For the realization of the production we are partnering with the largest trading companies that have offices in Bulgaria and Romania.
At the heart of our many years of growing success are high professionalism, financial discipline, honesty and innovation.

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